Consignment Information

Our Commission:

  • The customer receives 60% of the selling price on items priced under $300.
  • For consigned items priced $300-$600 The customer receives 67% of the selling price.
  • For consigned items selling for over $600 the customer receives 75% of the selling price.

Non-Locked In:

  • Consigned items are retrievable at anytime without a fee.

Claiming Your Money:

  • To check your account status you can contact us via phone, email or Facebook Messenger.
  • We can pay you with cash, a cheque or by e-transfer.
  • We rely on our customers to check account status and claim money due.

What To Consign:

  • We accept items in good working order that have a good resale value.


Here is a partial list of what we take based upon the season:

Bikes / Accessories / Clothing

Hockey (Adult equipment)

Lacrosse Gear

Soccer / Baseball / Softball Gear

Golf Equipment

Tennis Racquets

Motocross Protective / Clothing

Camping Gear / Packs

Skateboards / Longboards

Water Sports (STARTING MAY)

Jogging Strollers

Inline Skates / Protective

Rugby Shoes

Heavy Bags / Speed Bags

Free Weights (Metal Plates) / Dumbbells


Goalie Equipment


Skis / Accessories / Clothing

Snowboards / Accessories / Clothing

Cross Country Ski Gear

Figure Skates


Motocross Protective / Clothing

Free Weights (Metal Plates)


Heavy Bags / Speed Bags

Roof-Top Ski Boxes

*Please note items listed in either Spring/Summer, or Fall/Winter are not accepted exclusively during those times. The product list is only a guideline for your convenience, if you have further questions give us a call or an e-mail.

How To Consign:

  • NO Appointments Required
  • Simply stop by and we will consign your items.

You Set the Price:

  • Item pricing is ultimately your choice; however, we will give you helpful advice on pricing.