Services We Offer

Skate Sharpening & Service

We are experts in skate sharpening and offer a precision service. Every skate that Consignor Sports sells comes with it’s first sharpening included. We also do skate profiling, rivet and holder replacement.

Purchase our sharpening pass and receive ten skate sharpens for the price of eight –  savings you 20%:
Skate Sharpening $6.00/pair
Sharpening Pass – 10 sharpens $48.00
Skate Profiling $15-$30

Bike Services

We provide a range of basic bike services. We do not service hydraulic brakes or shocks. Not available in the winter season.

Basic Bike Tune-up Starting at $40 (parts extra)
Tire Change $5.00
Tube Change $5.00

Ski Tuning

From October to April,  Consignor Sports offers the following professional services to keep your skis and boards ready for the snow:

WaxJet Hot Wax – Skis $15
WaxJet Hot Wax – Snowboard $20
Edge Sharpen Skis/Board $15
Ski Binding Mount $25
Ski Binding Re-Mount $30
Binding Adjustment $10
Base Repair Quoted
Other Service Available Quoted

Baseball Glove Lacing

Experienced glove lacer on staff. Price will depend on the size of the job. Drop by for a quote if needed.

Taxes not included in prices above. All prices are subject to change without notice.